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Tales of Tark: Alien Women


I've been writing a longer sci-fi series about Tark, a sort of rogueish space pirate/scientist/musician. I recently wrote some one hundred word stories for a short story site, and this one got published!

Tales of Tark: Alien Women More…

Dear Nicolas Cage: Don’t Push It


Mr. Cage, I adore you. I adore your overacting at times, your subtle acting at less times, your dreamy eyes and constantly changing hair styles. But Don’t Push It.

I just saw Season Of The Witch, and it’s just been voted by me as the film of yours I like the least. It’s making me consider…the Pass. More…

Once more into the breach


I'm making another attempt at online dating.

I've got two profiles – one on and one on OKCupid. I prefer the concept of OKCupid, since I'd rather be dating an indie artist with yogic sensibilities and a greater chance she might be bi, but I have to keep my options open. More…

My Brain


My brain works a bit differently than most folks. Christmas is no exception. More…

New Story: Orgy Phone


Here's a new story I told at the Moth last week. Came in second!

Orgy Phone

Seventy-five Possessions


I've been pairing down my life in a serious way, in anticipation of moving, traveling, and being less well off as I pursue my career of writer, actor, and storyteller. I am down to approximately seventy-five possessions. It feels weird. More…

The thought of revenge


I've never been thin. I'm back on a diet. I imagine I might lose the weight. And I wonder if that will turn me into an asshole. More…

My goddamn sleep schedule


Right now, I'm a strange mix of unemployed, employed, creative employed, night owl, etc., etc. It's playing havoc with my sleep schedule. It's 4 A.M and I'm working on a blog post? More…

Weird dreams about the ex lately


So – formerly married. Been divorced for almost ten years now. No contact with ex for maybe seven of those. And yet I've been having sex dreams about her. More…

Was that a fake flirt or a fake, FAKE flirt!?


One recurring theme is the uniqueness of my brain. One unique thing about it is that it's very difficult for me to tell if someone is interesting in me. Its a running joke and a recurring theme in some of my stories.

A few nights ago I was hanging out with some friends, relating some recent news, and ended up telling them part of a story of a recent night out with my friend Pookie. All night long she had been punching me in the arm, hard, and I didn't know why. At the end of the night I asked her – turns out she was trying to get me to notice some girl that she thought might have been flirting with me. More…