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Once more into the breach

I'm making another attempt at online dating.

I've got two profiles – one on and one on OKCupid. I prefer the concept of OKCupid, since I'd rather be dating an indie artist with yogic sensibilities and a greater chance she might be bi, but I have to keep my options open.

This is spite of all the attention Match is getting with their fake profiles. And, before al you ladies say "I have a real profile on there", I'm sure you do. It's the other ninety-nine fake ones that are fake.

So now it's the process.

1. Scan people who look at me

2. Send emails to them. Craft emails to be funny, mention something in their profile so they know I read it and didn't shotgun responses to everyone, ask a question to see if they respond.

3. Do they same with my search criteria.

4. Wait forever for responses. My typical return rate is about one in fifty.

5. Read response, reply to response. Hope for second exchange of responses.

6. Never receive next response (usually).

My biggest problem is getting to the 'second' – the second date, the second email, whatever. That's a skill I'm working on. More to come on that – I have a speed dating night planned.