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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Tales of Tark: Alien Women


I've been writing a longer sci-fi series about Tark, a sort of rogueish space pirate/scientist/musician. I recently wrote some one hundred word stories for a short story site, and this one got published! Tales of Tark: Alien Women

Dear Nicolas Cage: Don’t Push It


Mr. Cage, I adore you. I adore your overacting at times, your subtle acting at less times, your dreamy eyes and constantly changing hair styles. But Don’t Push It. I just saw Season Of The Witch, and it’s just been voted by me as the film of yours I like the least. It’s making me […]

Once more into the breach


I'm making another attempt at online dating. I've got two profiles – one on and one on OKCupid. I prefer the concept of OKCupid, since I'd rather be dating an indie artist with yogic sensibilities and a greater chance she might be bi, but I have to keep my options open.