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Seventy-five Possessions

I've been pairing down my life in a serious way, in anticipation of moving, traveling, and being less well off as I pursue my career of writer, actor, and storyteller. I am down to approximately seventy-five possessions. It feels weird.Some things, like clothes, I called one (well actually I split clothes into three heaps – all of them, a smaller subset of clothes that include stuff for travel (like warm-weather wear) and a subset of stuff I can wear in the winter while I couch surf a few weeks. And things like books are one item, but right now there's less than two dozen, all in one box. I have all my CD/DVD's (several hundred) but they are all in one folder, in my 'media' box.

I have a carry-on sized backpack with my travel gear (adapters, clothesline, etc) all as one item.

Looking at the list, it's amazing how much stuff everybody has, and making a list of it is humbling. I don't look around my apartment and feel " I don't have much stuff". But compared to some, like my suburban relatives, it's probably very Spartan.

About four items on the list are to be thrown out anyway. Maybe a dozen are bound for 'storage', assuming I won't have room for them in my new roommate situation (wherever that is). About two-thirds are things I'd like in the new room. Some of them are dubious – my 46" TV, I'd hate to just throw it in storage if there's no room for it at the new place. Maybe I'll mount it on the wall as my pc monitor. Nice.

Same goes for the bed. I have a queen foam mattress, an IKEA special, which I got for the sole reason that I could jam it into a lopsided corner of the irregular room. But, I also have an IKEA sofa bed that is quite comfy, more so then the bed really. And in the new room, well, why not just use that?

So much stuff. So little stuff.