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My goddamn sleep schedule

Right now, I'm a strange mix of unemployed, employed, creative employed, night owl, etc., etc. It's playing havoc with my sleep schedule. It's 4 A.M and I'm working on a blog post?

I used to believe if I just didn't have a day job, my sleep schedule would adjust to something approaching: Bed by 3:30 A.M., up by 10:30 A.M.. I could live with that. A bit of late start, but OK.

These days, though, it's more like bed by 5 A.M., up by…whenever. It's bad.

There are many difficulties that have led me to this predicament.

My apartment has terrible light – the back half (where I sleep) is like a cave and gets zero natural light. I can wake up at 9 A.M. and it's like the inside of a Chilean mine.

I tend to eat at night, which makes for bad sleeping.

I have a not-so-great bed. It's a cheaper IKEA bed, foam mattress. I needed to get it because my tiny bedroom (it's maybe 7' by 9') has a post in one corner, making a traditional bed impossible (without sawing off the corner). However, an IKEA foam bed I can sort of squish into the corner. It does mean I have a side of the bed that is six inches shorter than the other, so that's an ideal place for a girl companion to go. Except:

I sleep alone (I always sleep better with others). I swear to God, I really wish at times I had a friends-with-benefits situation going, except the benefits in this case is just being a warm body in bed. I'd occasionally group you or poke you in your back, but in return…well, actually I haven't figured that part out yet.

I could cook breakfast, maybe.