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Monthly Archives: December 2010

My Brain


My brain works a bit differently than most folks. Christmas is no exception.

New Story: Orgy Phone


Here's a new story I told at the Moth last week. Came in second! Orgy Phone

Seventy-five Possessions


I've been pairing down my life in a serious way, in anticipation of moving, traveling, and being less well off as I pursue my career of writer, actor, and storyteller. I am down to approximately seventy-five possessions. It feels weird.

The thought of revenge


I've never been thin. I'm back on a diet. I imagine I might lose the weight. And I wonder if that will turn me into an asshole.

My goddamn sleep schedule


Right now, I'm a strange mix of unemployed, employed, creative employed, night owl, etc., etc. It's playing havoc with my sleep schedule. It's 4 A.M and I'm working on a blog post?