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Won the MOTH NY Storyslam tonight!

On the advice of my current professional coach, I started attending The Moth tonight. I've had it in my calendar for a year now, but never could build up the gumption to go. Checking the website it simply said that doors open at 7:00 PM for the signup, 7:30 the show starts, ten performers, five minutes each.

Here were my notes on the experience:

1. I got there at 7:00 PM to see a line stretching down and around the block! The people in front had been there since 5:30, they said. Ugh. Thankfully I met someone mid-way down the line who slipped me in. I doubt people were turned away. Still, lesson learned: from now on, this venue is something you need to get at early. I heard people say the other ones (like the one way out in Park Slope) aren't as packed. The Moth is a very popular destination! I got in, signed up, and grabbed a coffee.

2. Here's another lesson;: Don't drink coffee when you think you are going on stage and getting nervous. Each time it got near the announcement of the next speaker's name, my heart was hammering in my poor chest. Then I'd drink more coffee.

3. The show was nicely produced, the stories in general were good, with a few winners. I liked the venue too – Housing Works Cafe on 126 Crosby St., just south of East Houston. Nice, warm, and fun. The crowd was very supportive and vocal about it (and it wouldn't be me if I didn't notice how hot the audience was – I love New York women!).

4. Out of ten people I got called as the ninth person in, which by that point I was not expecting. Heart says: hammer time! Then coffee time.

5. I got up and told a story I've told at Casual Sketch before, but this time edited and re-written for succinctness. It went over well!

6. After, I drew the name out of the hat for the final performer, hoping that as long as I don't draw a good one, I might win this. Who did I draw? Adam Wade, a storytelling guru and teach in NYC. Crap! He got up and did a great job. Let's check the votes…

And I won! Jubilation all around. Now I get to advance to the semi's!