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Weird dreams about the ex lately

So – formerly married. Been divorced for almost ten years now. No contact with ex for maybe seven of those. And yet I've been having sex dreams about her.

And not just her, too. So far in the past four weeks, I've ended up having sex with my ex, a young lady I've been coaching who I have absolutely no chance of getting with, and what might have been a former girlfriend. All of this is strange because I never have sex dreams. I tend to take care of business often enough that when I sleep I'm usually too sated to need that kind of release.

Very odd. Especially since the dream sex with the Ex was not bad, and the real sex with the Ex was, in a word, awful. Torturously awful. And not for lack of trying on my part either. I fought the good fight on that one – therapy, counseling, books, long hours of trying to draw out what she wanted, invitations for her to have extra-marital affairs to spice things up for her – nothing. We had maybe two good bouts of sex in five years of dating and marriage. So you can imagine my surprise when I start having these dream moments of sex with her. Wow. 

I assume some kind of odd karmic engine in the sky is slowly recalibrating my luck. My luck's been kind of bad off and on the last few years. I have a strange feeling it's getting better. Not sure why that makes me feel so threatened.

As soon as the Captain Crunch high wears off, I have to go to bed, and stop thinking about it. I might have another dream!