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Was that a fake flirt or a fake, FAKE flirt!?

One recurring theme is the uniqueness of my brain. One unique thing about it is that it's very difficult for me to tell if someone is interesting in me. Its a running joke and a recurring theme in some of my stories.

A few nights ago I was hanging out with some friends, relating some recent news, and ended up telling them part of a story of a recent night out with my friend Pookie. All night long she had been punching me in the arm, hard, and I didn't know why. At the end of the night I asked her – turns out she was trying to get me to notice some girl that she thought might have been flirting with me.

As I told this story, this cute redhead I know who I'm trying to get to do some table reads with me, proceeded to say something like "oh, Rocco"…sad smile…"when a girl is trying to hit on you, she'll do things like this:"
…and she put her hand on my arm as a demonstration. I said I got it. 

"Or this:" …and she played with my sleeve a little. I said that makes sense, thanks. I'll remember for next time.

She did a few more demonstrations, we called it a night, and everybody left the bar we were hanging out in.

It wasn't until later I thought – wait a second – those were fake "educational" flirts, right? Or was it her faking FAKE flirts, i.e. flirting!?

The sad thing is I still couldn't even tell then if it was real or not.

I should just assume it is.