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Does it show?

So in the comedy and writing business, which I'm involved with, I meet a number of women. Some of these women I work with from time to time, and many of them are funny, or smart, or talented, and I enjoy working with them. Perhaps I'll go to an improv jam and do a scene or two on stage. Or perhaps I'll invite them to work with me on a project.

Of course, for some of these women, I want to bone them silly, and I have to wonder: does it show?

I've got a number of Differences With My Brain, and I'm not your typical guy in that respect. Two things in this case are different for me than most guys and they apply to this situation.

I'm capable of separating sex and friendships (or work friendships)

You know how most guys say, "Oh, I can be friends with you and still have sex with you" and how they don't really mean it? I do. I am completely capable of having sex for fun and then shipping you back home to your life without it interfering with our friendship, our creative work together, or your other relationship.

I don't get a chance to do this often, and it's mostly because other people either a) can't handle it or b) don't believe me. One case in point: I have a friend that I imagine under the right circumstances might want to fool around with me, and would say we could still be friends after, but it would get weird. We'd feel a compulsion to try dating and we both know it would never work. If, then, the situation comes up – and it has – I back off.

Most folks on the other hand are scared that if we fool around, that it will interfere with their lives where I intersect with them – I'll not work with them in a project, or not use them for something, or will blab it all over our creative circle, etc. They feel that not because I would (I wouldn't) but because others have, which is bad luck for Rock.

The other situation that applies (as a con) is:

I'm really bad at reading people's take on me.

I can read other people's emotions fairly well, but I can never tell whether they are attracted in me or not, or repulsed, or flirting, or anti-flirting. Pookie (my friend) is always saying "I think that girl was flirting with you" and my response is to be baffled, not remember, or remember said girl as someone trying to bother me for something.

So, if I am telegraphing "hey, hot actress, I would like to bone you like a machine designed to bone" I wouldn't be able to tell if someone was interested, or noticed for that matter. I have to wonder if a bunch of women are chatting about me elsewhere and saying "Man, that Rocco guy is creepy – he always looks like he wants to drag me in the bathroom and bone me".

Or perhaps they say "Rocco is a sweet ol' Teddy Bear and has only ever had sex with big, fluffy marshmallows, and wouldn't want to do THAT with ME, tee hee?" I added Tee-hee so you knew I was talking about girls.

I suppose I should find out at some point.