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After a sort of strange day of hanging around the apartment, trying to get a handle on cleaning things, I ended up going to my friend Adam's house for a boardgame night. He's a somewhat new father; his wife was out at a class, so he was home; and therefore why not invite his biggest nerd friends over to play some games?

We ended up playing a horror-themed boardgame (Ravenloft),a sort of Dungeons and Dragons easy-to-play game for a few hours. It was pretty fun. When you get a bunch of improvisers and comics together for an evening involving something like nerd-board gaming, you can be pretty much sure the bits will flow.

Interestingly, by some unspoken mental thing, his three guests decided to specifically change into nerd shirts for the evening. I changed out of the polo I wore all day into a t-shirt with a distressed Zelda logo; David changed into something nerdy I can't remember now, and the other guy changed into a vintage Superfriends t-shirt.

Suit up to play the game!