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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Weird dreams about the ex lately


So – formerly married. Been divorced for almost ten years now. No contact with ex for maybe seven of those. And yet I've been having sex dreams about her.

Was that a fake flirt or a fake, FAKE flirt!?


One recurring theme is the uniqueness of my brain. One unique thing about it is that it's very difficult for me to tell if someone is interesting in me. Its a running joke and a recurring theme in some of my stories. A few nights ago I was hanging out with some friends, relating some […]

Table Reads equals Brunch Parties!


I've been working on some long term writing projects and doing table reads on them, mostly as a way of teaching me how to write well. It's a sci-fi show with a lot of sex, drugs, rock and roll, and female angst. One of the cast members laughingly referred to it as "Grey's anatomy in […]

Won the MOTH NY Storyslam tonight!


On the advice of my current professional coach, I started attending The Moth tonight. I've had it in my calendar for a year now, but never could build up the gumption to go. Checking the website it simply said that doors open at 7:00 PM for the signup, 7:30 the show starts, ten performers, five […]

Does it show?


So in the comedy and writing business, which I'm involved with, I meet a number of women. Some of these women I work with from time to time, and many of them are funny, or smart, or talented, and I enjoy working with them. Perhaps I'll go to an improv jam and do a scene […]

My New Diet


As a large guy, dieting is a constant struggle for me. I recently had a revelation that seems to be working well for me. Last night I had a conversation with my friend Pookie about it. I explained that I started a new diet, and she asked how it was going, and I explained my […]



After a sort of strange day of hanging around the apartment, trying to get a handle on cleaning things, I ended up going to my friend Adam's house for a boardgame night. He's a somewhat new father; his wife was out at a class, so he was home; and therefore why not invite his biggest […]